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Ángel Ángel
09:01:03 19/01/2022
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John Lucas John Lucas
05:01:49 18/01/2022
hey dfa . is it legal to remix one of your songs and upload it to my youtube?
Arian .A
06:09:25 04/09/2021
Hey DFA I have been following you for a while now on Insta and love your music and everything your been doing, really inspiring as a UK based producer! One of your more recent posts describes how someone gave you a shot and took a chance and it payed off! Well, maybe you could take this chance on me? I have a demo that I believe you would like and am asking for the chance to send it to you if thats okay? If anything for feedback as that would be massive! But on the off chance you would wanna work together possibly, I thought it would at least be worth a try. Hope you are well! (: Best, Dan T
Dan Thornton
12:08:50 10/08/2021
❤Love your new single with Harlee last night❤
George Green
05:05:55 26/05/2021
I'm guessing that the official music video for last night with Harlee is imminent?
davetherave meuk
02:05:14 21/05/2021
When is the Last Night music video?
Jen P
01:05:16 19/05/2021
davetherave meuk
07:05:39 17/05/2021
Love your songs waiting for you to drop your next one
Utkarsh Upadhyay
06:05:50 14/05/2021
you have some fire songs
pain yeeter
05:05:05 14/05/2021
‘Don’t play’ with KSI and Anne Marie was a banger! Keep up the good work :)
Tegan Docherty
12:05:08 14/05/2021
As you’re a genuine farm animal, do you know what came first? The chicken or the egg?
10:05:36 14/05/2021
You should make dubstep/riddim! Love your music
John Robinson
12:05:35 14/05/2021
Hey ! My message is , how did you start doing music 🎵 also love your new song !✌️😎
Meile Satkauskaite
09:05:29 13/05/2021
I love your music! Well done :)
Inder Virk
08:05:59 13/05/2021
I love your latest release with Harlee, such a bop of a tune. I also loved Don't Play with KSI and Anne-Marie. I want you to collaborate with Becky Hill next and Dua Lipa also. Jac ***
Jac Clow
03:05:56 13/05/2021
If you had the choice would you do a song again with ksi or Anne Marie??
Harvey Norton
03:05:42 13/05/2021
You are my favorite DJ/music producer dude. Really love your songs and your persona♥️♥️. Keep grinding my g you are dope!!
Ashmit Iyer
12:05:45 13/05/2021
I love your songs! They made me happy 💖 keep it up, waiting for all your new releases 💕💕💕🥰✨
Lois Karl Mallari
11:05:41 13/05/2021
Craig cohen
10:05:42 13/05/2021
Love your music.Keep up the good work.I’m waiting for some more BANGING music in the future🥰🥰🤟
Alvin Anilkumar
10:05:39 13/05/2021
Welcome to my website!
Digital Farm Animals
10:05:04 05/05/2021
Welcome to my website!
Digital Farm Animals
10:05:04 05/05/2021