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Love your songs waiting for you to drop your next one
Utkarsh Upadhyay
06:05:50 14/05/2021
you have some fire songs
pain yeeter
05:05:05 14/05/2021
‘Don’t play’ with KSI and Anne Marie was a banger! Keep up the good work :)
Tegan Docherty
12:05:08 14/05/2021
As you’re a genuine farm animal, do you know what came first? The chicken or the egg?
10:05:36 14/05/2021
You should make dubstep/riddim! Love your music
John Robinson
12:05:35 14/05/2021
Hey ! My message is , how did you start doing music ? also love your new song !✌️?
Meile Satkauskaite
09:05:29 13/05/2021
I love your music! Well done :)
Inder Virk
08:05:59 13/05/2021
I love your latest release with Harlee, such a bop of a tune. I also loved Don't Play with KSI and Anne-Marie. I want you to collaborate with Becky Hill next and Dua Lipa also. Jac ***
Jac Clow
03:05:56 13/05/2021
If you had the choice would you do a song again with ksi or Anne Marie??
Harvey Norton
03:05:42 13/05/2021
You are my favorite DJ/music producer dude. Really love your songs and your persona♥️♥️. Keep grinding my g you are dope!!
Ashmit Iyer
12:05:45 13/05/2021
I love your songs! They made me happy ? keep it up, waiting for all your new releases ????✨
Lois Karl Mallari
11:05:41 13/05/2021
Craig cohen
10:05:42 13/05/2021
Love your music.Keep up the good work.I’m waiting for some more BANGING music in the future???
Alvin Anilkumar
10:05:39 13/05/2021
Welcome to my website!
Digital Farm Animals
10:05:04 05/05/2021
Welcome to my website!
Digital Farm Animals
10:05:04 05/05/2021